Curly Chicken will be switching to Online Adult Improv Classes for the fall 2020.  Because seriously - we all need a laugh.  And laughing (or singing, coughing, smiling too broadly or chewing voraciously) is now too dangerous to do in person.  (And we really like to take down our food.)  Why adult classes?  That's why.

We will soon bring back Family Improv Classes as well, to change the narrative of that space you all live, work, breathe and chew in together.  All. The. Time.  Why family classes?  That's why.

Curly Chicken also still leads CORPORATE WORKSHOPS and RETREATS; IMPROV for EDUCATORS;  PRIVATE EVENTS and can facilitate online, distanced and safer in-person options.  


Or, just let us do the funny for you.



Improv is a great equalizer, skill-builder and experience - and we only charge $1,000,000/minute!  (To discuss actual pricing, contact Curly Chicken.  If interested in spending 1,000,000/minute, please do this first.)

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