Curly Chicken will be offering Family Improv classes through the spring of 2020.  We will try to offer different times/days of week but are at the mercy of available space*.  Why family classes?  That's why.

Curly Chicken also leads corporate workshops and retreats, improv for educators, private parties/events and can design a custom session for your group, business or organization. 


Improv is a great equalizer, ice-breaker and experience!  And we only charge $1,000,000/minute.  (To discuss actual pricing, contact Curly Chicken.  If you're interested in spending 1,000,000/minute, please do this first.)

*If you have a space, know of a space or want to gift us a building to use as a space, please contact Curly Chicken!


The most important rule of Curly Chicken is you must come to play!  No one puts Chicken in a corner. 


*Ages 9+ (12+ for teen class).  Please don't bring anyone younger.  I know you think they're funny.  I think mine are funny!  They are not funny.

*At least one parent/guardian per kid - no drop-offs.


*At least one kid per parent/guardian.  Don't be weird.


*2-1 max ratio!  That means no more than 2 kids per adult, and no more than 2 adults per kid.  If you have 7 kids (practice makes pregnant!), you should have at least 4 adults present (and a bag filled with calming tinctures.)

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